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Job: Graphic Designer 
When I Started: February 2008

My favourite Intrinsic item is...  

I love the travel journal and have decided that even though I am not actually traveling anywhere, that doesn't have to stop me from using it. So it has become my everyday travels journal. It is the perfect size to fit in my handbag and I love the elastic strap that stops all my bits of loose paper falling out. The pocket in the back was perfect for Christmas shopping to pop all the receipts in, incase anyone wanted to return their gift. I use one section for my goals and dreams, one for the everyday to do list and the middle section to write down interesting things I come across, in particular I have been using it to jot down recipes.

The best part of my job at Intrinsic is 

Where do I start - I love what I do. But I think the people are my best bit. 

My fondest childhood memory

”Girls, go outside and play” and my sister and I would play all sorts of imaginary games with witches, fairies, super-heroes and anthropomorphic animals 

My parents always told me

My Dad always told me there was a man that lived in our ceiling. I still find attics kind of creepy. 

When I was a child I always wanted to be

An artist or prime minister 

The thing most people wouldn’t guess about me

I have a tattoo of a sunflower on my back 

I often wonder

How I can find more time to do all the things I love. 

If I had a super power

I was always Super-girl playing super-heroes because she had all the cool powers. But to choose one it would have to be flying. 

Savoury or sweet?

Can I say both, but probably savoury 

If I won a million dollars, I would

Stop worrying about money.   

On my last holiday I went to

Pt Vincent - one of my favourite places in the world 

My dream holiday destination is

In spite of loving Pt Vinnie so much I am dreaming about a round world ticket to Canada and England. One of my best friends in the world lives in Canada has two gorgeous little boys who I have never met. My husband is English and hasn't been back since he came out here when he was 10. I want to go in Winter which I know is crazily cold so that my daughter can play in the snow. 

Three words that best describe me

Stubborn, happy, creative 

I wouldn’t leave home without

I forget stuff all the time, there is nothing that you can't work around. Although it is challenging to leave home without the keys. 

My ancestors come from

UK and Germany (Very unglamorous) 

My stripper name is (first pet name plus first street name)

Pixie Nepal

I’m most proud of

Giving birth to my daughter was my proudest cleverest moment. Ever. 


If only I had time... my hobby wish list... gardening, reading, yoga, drawing, painting, baking, probably the thing I am making time for is Children's Book illustration. 



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